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Businesses want to support their employees but are often priced out, offered single issue solutions, or don’t know where to start. Welcome to Ashia - the complete, low cost, high value wellbeing solution for any sized business.
Self-serve support
Ashia helps your people find the support and information they might need in a private, safe, informative, and inspiring online service.
Engaging Content
Ashia is designed to keep people interested in the service. Mirroring the popular streaming services – Netflix, iPlayer etc – and with all the bells and whistles, Ashia is updated weekly with new videos, podcasts and support resources.
Exclusive offers and discounts
No need to source a separate benefits package, Ashia includes exclusive discounts and offers designed to bring big brands to your employees for less.
Total Control
Manage your Ashia account in real time. Simple low-cost flat rate monthly billing. View your payment history, invite new users to join Ashia or cancel those accounts that are no longer needed.
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Wellbeing Trends
Stay up to date with the issues and topics that are concerning the Ashia business community. Simply login to your account centre and view the anonymised wellbeing trends in real time.

The Complete Wellbeing Streaming Service from just £20.80 for up to 10 employees per month.

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