Ashia Business Plus

Because supporting your people shouldn’t be a chore.

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Ashia Business Plus

What’s Included

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Holistic Approach
We don’t lead single issue lives. Ashia covers hundreds of topics across 16 major wellbeing channels - designed to enable your users to learn, understand, and be inspired to act themselves.
Customised Content
So much support your people struggle to find it easily? Simply add all your existing solutions/info to Ashia`s content libraries and bring it all together into one easily accessed central service.
High Engagement
Ashia is designed to keep people coming back. Mirroring the features of the popular streaming services - Netflix, iPLayer etc - Ashia is updated weekly with fantastic new content.
Events and Theme Days
Want to support World Cancer Day or Pride Month? Ashia automatically provides relevant and engaging content for all the major awareness days.
Emotional Temperature Gauge
Stay up to date with the issues and topics that are concerning your people. Gain early insight and plan appropriate action. View your anonymised wellbeing data in real time.
Total Control including access
Manage your Ashia account in real time. Simple low-cost flat rate monthly billing. View your payment history, manage your users, chose your access method – SSO, Shared user, Single user etc.

The Complete Wellbeing Streaming Service from just £120.00*for 100 users and above per month Unlimited access, customisation options, real time data, the complete wellbeing solution.

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