Ashia Custom

Wellbeing content for the citizens of today

Ashia Custom

What’s Included

White Label
Ashia is available for full customisation/white label. It’s the perfect solution for organisations either seeking a value-add service or refreshing their existing product portfolio or for those wishing to create a platform for a specific community e.g. students, carers
Your Brand. Your Messaging.
Ashia can be fully branded and designed to meet your exact requirements.
Content Creation
Either host your existing content, license Ashia`s content, create new content, or a combination of these and other options.
On the Rails
Choose what content you want presented and how. Create your own rails of experts, advocates, mental health first aiders, policies, play lists and more.
Total Control including access
Manage your entire end user population - individuals or multiuser accounts - in real time. Determine and deploy access methodologies - own domains, SSO, Shared user, Single user etc. Real time platform analytics.

The white label wellbeing streaming service you control.

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