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What’s Included

16 Channels of Wellbeing Support
Covering every aspect of wellbeing – from physical fitness, financial hardship to living with long term conditions. There’s always something new to learn and discover, and we’re updating Ashia every week.
Real Stories & Big Interviews
Thousands of compelling stories from real people, including well know names, explaining their personal journeys, and how they’ve found the support they’ve needed at key moments.
Signposted resources you can trust
Looking for info on sepsis? Need advice on a relationship? Ashia helps you find the support and information you need easily and safely.
Exclusive offers and discounts
Discounted cinema tickets, treats for your family, fresh flowers for less – what’s not to like? With Ashia you get a fantastic range of regularly updated wellbeing offers and discounts – designed to bring you big brand quality for less.
Access to Expert Opinion
Exclusive access to interviews, roundtables, and change programmes from leading wellbeing experts and practitioners. Covering the topics that matter to you.
All your streaming favourites
Ashia gives you all the features and functionality that you’ve come to love with your favourite streaming services such as Netflix & iPlayer. Save, share, rate content and create your own wellbeing playlists.

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