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Ashia means life and hope. These two words sums up what our content-rich mental health, wellbeing and inclusion platform – a place where people can hear from others about how they have dealt with life’s challenges, understand that they are not alone, and learn how to make positive change.


We know that good mental and physical health improves the way we live and work. That’s why our expert team of healthcare specialists and technologists created Ashia, to provide an evidence-based mental health and wellbeing solution, where people of all ages and cultures learn how to be happier, healthier and more inclusive.

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Rising pressure on health and social care services, concerns about data privacy, and not knowing where to go for support, create barriers to good mental health and wellbeing.

Ashia offers anonymised access to the most comprehensive range of supportive content and wellness programmes. Searches on the platform remain confidential, encouraging users to look for help without feeling they have to let their employer or colleagues know they are struggling.

74% say Ashia makes them feel their company cares about their wellbeing

Customer Support

Subscription to Ashia Plus provides a fully managed 24/7 self-serve mental health and wellbeing software solution for your small or medium business.

If you are licencing Ashia for a larger organisation, our dedicated customer success managers work with you to ensure successful integration and implementation. Ongoing support helps keep your users engaged.

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